Hunting Warthog in Africa

Plains Game - Warthog

Scientific Name:

Phacochoerus aethiopicus

Shoulder Height:

72 cm


68 - 72 kg


160-170 days, average litter 3-4 piglets.


Grass, roots, bulbs and tubers. Will eat fruit, although it favours short grass. It feeds by resting on its front knees. Requires water daily.

The warthog is a gregarious, diurnal animal that lives in abandoned aardvark holes. It enters the hole backwards, a protective measure which enables it to make a quick escape. The male has two pairs of warts. The pair on the muzzle is absent in the female. The warthog is fond of wallowing and rubbing its mud-covered body on stumps, rocks and trunks of trees. Its habi of rooting for grass ehizomes often leads to the creation of a wallow. Sight is poor although it has good sent and hearing. When approached a warthog will often advance towards you, running off only when certain what you are. It falls prey to lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah.