Hunting with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

Plains Game hunting with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris - South Africa

Embarking on an African Safari Adventure with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris.

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the heart of South Africa on one of our expertly guided hunting safaris. As you step off the plane, either Ashley or Dale will be there to welcome you at one of our local airports, ensuring a personal touch as they guide you to your hunting haven.

Nestled in the lap of luxury, our exquisite lodges seamlessly blend the essence of Africa with the comfort you cherish. Each day unfolds in a new tapestry of excitement, courtesy of the distinctive charm and splendor of our diverse hunting concessions.

From the expansive veldt plains to the dense bush of the towering mountains, your safari will traverse a spectrum of landscapes. The untamed beauty enveloping the rugged Karoo mountains will etch itself into your memory, a testament to the unparalleled grandeur of the African wilderness.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every facet of our safaris and hunts. The pursuit of exceptional trophy quality and a diverse array of species is coupled with an environment that allows nature to unfold without unnecessary constraints. The Karoo’s pristine mountains create a backdrop that elevates your hunting experience to extraordinary heights.

In the realm of safari adventures, our name is synonymous with consistent quality, care, experience, and reliability. We believe that the true measure of a hunting experience lies not only in the pursuit of game but in the companionship shared during the journey.

Whether your interests lie in hunting, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, or capturing the captivating wildlife through your lens, we possess the expertise and infrastructure to craft a journey that will be etched in your memory. Your hunting safari will be an exclusive and personalized expedition tailored to your desires.

Our team comprises experts in their respective fields, dedicated to ensuring your African dream becomes a reality. Ashley and Dale eagerly anticipate the privilege of sharing this extraordinary adventure with you in the heart of South Africa.

Yours in the spirit of African Safari, Ashley & Dale (South Africa)