Grey-winged Partridge Hunting Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

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Hunting the grey-winged partridge, revered as one of the finest upland game birds globally, presents a captivating challenge in the elevated terrains of 5000 feet and above in our northern concessions. Thriving in coveys ranging from four to eighteen, with an average size of around ten birds, these elusive creatures provide a test of skill and strategy for hunters seeking an exhilarating experience.

As the hunting season spans from May 1 to July 31, the mornings are reserved for venturing into the mountains, where hunters eagerly watch their expertly trained dogs range for birds. The rugged beauty of the elevated landscape serves as a backdrop, creating a picturesque setting for the pursuit of the grey-winged partridge.

In these serene moments, the tranquility is only disrupted by the heart-pounding thrill of witnessing an English Pointer lock onto a Grey-wing point. The experienced hunter’s shotgun is grasped in anticipation, ready for the explosive burst of activity that follows. The rapid, evasive flight of these birds, triggered by the canine’s alertness, challenges even the most seasoned hunters as they vanish over the edge, leaving an indelible mark on the pursuit.

The bag limit of four birds per hunter per day ensures a sustainable and responsible hunting experience, contributing to the conservation of these magnificent upland game birds. Grey-wing hunts are seamlessly integrated into our standard plains and dangerous game safaris in the East Cape, offering a combination of diverse hunting experiences within the same excursion.

This unique fusion of chasing grey-winged partridges and exploring the vast landscapes of the East Cape not only caters to the avid hunter but also provides an immersive journey into the heart of nature. From the exhilarating mountain pursuits to the vast plains, this hunting adventure offers a comprehensive and unforgettable experience, creating lasting memories for those who seek the thrill of the chase.