Hunting the Eastern Cape with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

Landscape image with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris - South Africa

Step into the heart of South Africa’s captivating hunting grounds, where Eastcape and Karoo Safaris stand as your premier hosts in the Eastern Cape, unfurling breathtaking landscapes, verdant foliage, and a profusion of wildlife to form an exclusive sanctuary for aficionados of safari pursuits. Just a stone’s throw away from Port Elizabeth, our hunting area epitomizes the region’s spellbinding diversity, with Eastcape and Karoo Safaris ensuring an unforgettable experience. Majestic mountains, dense forests, expansive plains, and coastal splendor converge to shape an environment that hosts an extraordinary array of game, showcasing a remarkable mix of animals from both the North and the South, adding to the allure with a chance encounter of a few rare species.

Immerse yourself in the myriad hunting options that Eastcape and Karoo Safaris offer within the Eastern Cape. From the adrenaline-pumping caracal hunts with hounds to the exhilarating bushpig pursuits, this renowned outfitter weaves a rich tapestry of hunting experiences, challenging you to hunt Blue duiker, Oribi, Greysbuck, and other members of the Tiny Ten species.

What sets Eastcape and Karoo Safaris apart from other hunting destinations is the unique advantage of an absence of seasonal constraints on your expedition. Our preferred hunting season, extending from early March to October, aligns seamlessly with the moderate climate of the Eastern Cape, ensuring optimal conditions for your hunting endeavors. Paired with world-class lodging and an array of tourist attractions, Eastcape and Karoo Safaris proudly stand as the premier hosts, catering to the interests of both hunters and non-hunters alike.

For those accompanying the expedition without a penchant for hunting, Eastcape and Karoo Safaris unfold a wealth of alternative activities. Interact with elephants, embark on majestic rides, or explore the renowned Addo Elephant National Park. Experience the thrill of becoming ‘part of the pride’ at a predator sanctuary, where encounters with lions, tigers, and other majestic wild animals await. Meanwhile, ladies can indulge in the charm of quaint coastal towns for shopping and bask in the beauty of the expansive coastline.

Your Eastern Cape safari with Eastcape and Karoo Safaris guarantees not just an exceptional hunting adventure but also an immersive journey into the diverse and enchanting realm of South Africa’s natural wonders. Join us for an expedition that transcends the ordinary, where every moment serves as a testament to the extraordinary allure of the Eastern Cape.