Hound Hunts Eastcape & Karoo Safaris

Hound Hunting with Eastcape & Karoo Safaris - South Africa

In the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, the thrill of hunting with dogs takes a unique and exhilarating turn, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to pursue elusive and challenging game. For those seeking the more elusive Blue Duiker and Lynx/Caracal,  our southern concession provides a hunting experience with hounds that boasts a near hundred percent success rate.

The pursuit of the Blue Duiker is a specialized endeavor, making it a prized collector’s trophy as part of the Tiny 10. Hunts unfold in the dense undergrowth of coastal forests, where hunters navigate through suitable paths. Accompanied by Jack Russells and Fox Terriers, they rely on these agile dogs to move the Duiker around. The experience is intense, with mere glimpses of the tiny masters of the forest, often with terriers hot on their trail, creating a thrilling chase that challenges even the most skilled shotgunners.

Cat hunters, on the other hand, can partake in the adrenaline-pumping Lynx/Caracal hunting with hounds. The excitement builds as packs of 12 to 18 hounds, including Blue Ticks, Fox Hounds, Beagle crosses, and local breeds, are deployed before sunrise. The houndsman listens for warning signs, with monkeys and Bushbuck alerting barks serving as the elusive Caracal’s only giveaway. Once the lead dog catches a hot scent, the pursuit begins, with Caracals covering vast distances and hours before being treed.

All hunts offered with dogs are highly specialized and require careful planning. Booking well in advance is essential to ensure availability and to maximize the opportunity for success in the pursuit of these extraordinary game species. The excitement of hunting with hounds in the Eastern Cape is not just a sport but an immersive adventure, promising unforgettable moments for those willing to embrace the challenge.