Hunting Vaal Rhebuck in Africa

Plains Game - Vaal Rhebuck

Scientific Name:

Pelea Capreolus

Shoulder Height:

81 cm


25 kg


238 days


The rhebuck grazes with short resting periods and rests for 3 hours during the hottest part of the day.

Long, thin neck with very long pointed upright ears. The horns are straight and stand upright. Only the males carry horns. Rocky mountains, mountain slopes and plateaus with sufficient grass and a few shrubs and trees. Utilizes a more exposed habitat than the mountain reedbuck – grass slopes of the Drakensberg between 1400m and 2500m above sea level.

Independent of water. Forms herds of up to 12 animals. There are solitary males and family groups (with territorial male). When a young male leaves the group, he remains solitary until he is old enough to establish his own territory. A part of the family group’s home range is the territorial male’s territory. He advertises this with certain movements and ostentations.