Hunting Impala in Africa


Scientific Name:

Aepyceros melampus

Shoulder Height:

91 cm


45 - 55 kg


180 – 210 days.


Both browsers and grazers. They utilize a wide variety of plants and drink regularly.

These hunting species have acute hearing and have been known to frighten elephants by uttering loud snorts when alarmed by the approach of humans. They fight a great deal during the mating season, uttering long, drawn out snorts, and are quite capable of killing one another at such times. This preoccupation affects their vigilance and it is often possible to pass close by a herd without disturbing them. They remain persistently in overgrazed areas. Impalas are excellent jumpers. They can often be seen in the company of baboons, and are preyed upon by lion, cheetah, leopard and, to a great extent, the Cape hunting dog. In overcast, windy weather they often lie down. The black tufts above the hooves on the hind legs conceal scent glands.

Their spoor is of sharp, neat and pointed hooves. 4-6cm long.