Hunting Eland in Africa


Scientific Name:

Taurotragus oryx

Shoulder Height:

1,5 – 1,75 m


Up to 900 kg


Between 255 and 265 days; single calf.


Mainly browsers, but will also graze. Fond of young grass in areas that have been burnt. Eat leaves, wild fruits, bulbs and the bark of certain trees, particularly wortel-doring, Sesamothamnus lugardii. The horns play a useful role in rendering branches accessible. Obtains moisture from its food sources.

These inoffensive, gregarious, but shy, animals are excellent jumpers. They are nomadic, inhabiting savannas and open plains, dry mopane, light woodland and montane grassland. Independent of water, eland derive their moisture intake from plants. Both sexes have horns; although those of the females are often longer. Old bulls are often solitary. Normally silent creatures, eland have an acute sense of smell, and good hearing.