Hunting Bushpig in Africa


Scientific Name:

Potamochoerus pocus

Shoulder Height:

65 - 75 cm


70 - 80 kg


120 days; 3-7 piglets.


Roots, bulbs, seeds. Fruit, grasses, carrion, reptiles, insects and birds eggs. Also raids crops. Will chew old bones.

Mainly nocturnal, the bushpig is a gregarious but tough, no nonsense animal. It lives in large sounders of up to 10 or more individuals. It is a dangerous adversary with extremely sharp tusks and should be given a wide berth. The tails is held down when running as opposed to the warthog, which holds its tail vertically. It is a good swimmer. The voice consists of soft grunting. It is preyed on by leopard and lion. Numbers have increased in areas where carnivore numbers have decreased.

The spoor is about the same size as that of a warthog, but more circular