Hunting Blue Wildebeest in Africa


Scientific Name:

Connochaetes taurinus

Shoulder Height:

1,27 - 1,30 m


185 - 249 kg


224-250 days.


Grazers. Require water daily.

These hunting species are gregarious animals. The bulls are highly territorial and stake out specific areas; the square-lipped (white) rhinoceros displays similar behaviour. They create numerous rolling grounds, usually in open areas that provide good visibility, and often deposit their dung here. They are fond of rubbing the boss and horns on trees within their territories. Their scent forms an important part of communication. Although thet are swift runners, they nevertheless fall prey to lions. The voice is an abrupt, loud snort and they communicate with a loud, nasal ‘kwang’ sound. They often associate with zebra and, although their sight is not as good as zebras, they have keen hearing and sense of smell.